Adoption rate in %  of people with selfstated hearing loss is slightly increasing but still low compared to internationally

Binaural fitting rate is on a similarly low level in Japan as in 2018 while binaural fitted people with hearing loss are more satisfied with their hearing aids than monaural fitted.

Satisfaction with hearing aids
bought on the internet is still the lowest (but has increased since 2018).
fitted by a NinteiHocyoukiGinousya (certified HA technician) is much higher than those not provided by them.

Satisfaction with hearing aids has increased since 2018.

Compared to 2018, there is a
significant increase in satisfaction with medical HA devices,
especially with those hearing aids fitted by NinteiHocyoukiGinousya (certified HA technician). These devices have a muchimproved
sound quality and speech understanding.

Certified HA technicians seem to fit better devices and can leverage the performance of improved devices

About the survey

JapanTrak 2022 was designed and executed by Anovum (Zurich) on behalf of Japan Hearing Instruments Manufacturers Association (JHIMA). More than 15,000 people participated in the survey.


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