First published 10 September 2018

One in ten of all the people in France say that they have a hearing loss. Among adults aged 18+, 12.3% think they have a hearing loss, according to the EuroTrak France 2018 survey.

The survey EuroTrak France 2018 on hearing loss and the use of hearing aids in France shows that 10% of the French think they have hearing loss. Among French adults, one in eight (12.3%) say they have a hearing loss.

The number of people saying they have hearing loss in France has been stable at around 10% since the first EuroTrak France survey was made in 2009. Surveys have also been made in 2015 and 2012. The number of people saying that they have a hearing loss also corresponds more or less to the results of similar surveys conducted in other European countries and in the United States in later years.

41% of those who say that they have a hearing loss use hearing aids. In the 2015 survey, the figure was 34.1%, meaning a growth of hearing aid users of more than 20% in three years.  Today, 71% of hearing aid users in the France use hearing aids in both ears.

Hearing aids improve quality of life

Almost all those in the survey who used hearing aids (97%) said that their hearing aids improve their quality of life in some way. In addition, 95% of hearing aid users in work also stated that their aids are useful in the workplace.

65% of all hearing aid users in the survey said that they should have gotten their hearing aids sooner. The main reasons for this was missing out on having a full social life when not having hearing aids and better mental and emotional health.


38% of those with a hearing loss who do not use hearing aids think that a third party would pay some part of the hearing aids. 30% thought that there was no third-party payment, while 32% did not know if a third party would pay. This compared to the fact that 87% of all hearing aid owners in France received some kind of 3rd party reimbursement.

Hearing tests

In the survey, 36% said that they had a hearing test in the last 5 years. But nearly half 47% had never had a hearing test.

About the survey

EuroTrak France 2018 was designed and executed by the Swiss analysis firm Anovum on behalf of the European Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association (EHIMA). The survey consisted of around 15,000 interviews.


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