A survey shows that the Chinese hearing aid users are highly satisfied with their hearing aids and that they help them in many situations in their daily life. The China-Trak survey is the latest in a series of 34 so called Trak-surveys in which around 500,000 people have been surveyed in 17 countries.

High user satisfaction

The China-Trak survey shows that 92% of hearing aid users in China are satisfied with their hearing instruments. This is the highest satisfaction rate of all Trak-surveys so far. 95% said their devices work as expected or better. And all users of hearing aids report a higher quality of life since being fitted with their devices.

Greater wellbeing, higher sense of safety and better job performance

Many users underlined the various positive impacts hearing aids have on their daily lives. Talking at home with family members, talking to children and communication via phone were listed as the most important listening situations which were enhanced. Users also reported increased communication effectiveness, greater mental wellbeing and improved self-esteem.

All hearing aid users declared that their hearing aids improve their quality of life – which also includes job performance. An impressive 99% of hearing aid users deem their hearing aids useful in their job. In addition, users reported a higher sense of safety when moving in a city (90%) and an improved quality of sleep (66%).

Wearing hearing aids increases social acceptance

The study also indicated that wearing hearing aids increases social acceptance of people living with hearing loss. Three out of four citizens with untreated hearing loss (73%) report that they are made fun of because of their hearing impairment. Users of hearing aids are far better of: Half of those who use hearing aids report they are never made fun of (47%).

Looking back, the vast majority of hearing aid users in China wish they had embarked earlier on their journey to better hearing and higher quality of life: 71% said they should have gotten their hearing aids sooner. Most regret having missed out on better mental and emotional health (73%) and on social life (72%).

About the survey

China-Trak was designed and carried out by the Swiss analysis firm Anovum on behalf of the European Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association (EHIMA) to measure hearing loss prevalence and hearing aids usage. The survey consisted of around 14,000 interviews.

Source:  www.ehima.com

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