Many Norwegians have poor hearing. The use of hearing aids improves quality of life. These are two of the conclusions of a Norwegian study.

A study among members of the Norwegian union for the hard of hearing, HLF, shows that eight out of ten say they have had a better quality of life since they started using hearing aids, according to the Norwegian magazine “Din Hørsel”, which is the members magazine for HLF.

Among the Norwegian population as a whole, three out of four of those who use hearing aids say that their use of hearing aids has improved their quality of life, according to “Din Hørsel”.

49% of hearing aid users say that they should have started using hearing aids earlier.

Poor hearing

In the study, 30% said they had poor hearing. The proportion of those who have poor hearing increases with age. Among those over the age of 70, 44% have poor hearing.

27% of those asked in the study said that they had never had their hearing tested.

The study also shows limited knowledge of how to get a hearing aid. Almost one in four does not know where to get their hearing tested and almost half do not know that hearing aids are free for the hard of hearing in Norway through the public health service.

Source: Din Hørsel,

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