Active Ageing through Hearing Health: Roundtable Discussion at the European Parliament

Recently, the Hearing Health Forum EU held an important policy roundtable discussion at the European Parliament about active ageing and the importance of hearing screening in the EU. The event was a resounding success, bringing together influential stakeholders and experts from across Europe to address vital issues surrounding adult hearing health. 


Event Overview 

With the event, the Hearing Health Forum EU (HHFEU) aimed to delve into the significance of adult hearing screening programs and propose active ageing policy recommendations to enhance the quality of life for Europe’s ageing population. The discussions were comprehensive, covering topics such as hearing loss, associated comorbidities, screening, diagnosis, treatment, and the social and economic impacts of hearing health. 

Having an event inside the European Parliament was possible thanks to official co-hosts MEP Alex Agius-Saliba and MEP Radka Maxová who are advocates for hearing, accessibility, health, and disability rights. 

Following these insightful exchanges, participants were invited to experience a Virtual Reality simulation that vividly captured the challenges and nuances of life with varying degrees of hearing loss. 

The next stages after the event will be to begin to lobby for a European hearing health strategy and embed hearing loss within other aligned EU strategies such as ageing and mental health. 


About Hearing Health Forum EU 

HHFEU is a collaboration between MED-EL, HEARRING, and the European Association of Cochlear Implant Users (Euro-CIU). This alliance aims to raise awareness of hearing health and the human and economic cost of untreated hearing loss. 

The partnership is dedicated to advocating for inclusive and equal access to cost-effective ear and hearing care, with the overarching goal of improving the lives of European citizens and ensuring the sustainability of Europe’s health systems through the principles of universal design.


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