10% of people in Spain have hearing loss according to latest EuroTrak survey

About one in ten people in Spain are living with hearing loss, yet fewer than 40% of those are using hearing aids, the most recent EuroTrak data for the country shows. This is despite high satisfaction with the use of hearing aids.

The EuroTrak data, which was released on October 16, surveys the importance of hearing loss in the general population, as well as the accessibility of hearing screening and hearing aids.

According to the survey, around one in 10 people in Spain are living with hearing loss, representing five million Spaniards. This figure puts Spain at fifth place in Europe in terms of hearing loss prevalence and highlights the importance of hearing loss as a common health concern.



But according to the data, almost one in four people living with hearing loss have taken corrective action in the form of hearing aids. The majority of these – 79% – had initially discussed their hearing loss with their family doctor, but only 58% got hearing aids recommended by the ENT specialist or family doctor.

High levels of satisfaction were reported by those who use hearing aids, with 79% of users stating that they are happy with their decision to use them – they also say that hearing loss is less of a burden on their daily lives. Indeed, the data clearly illustrates that hearing aid usage leads to a notable improvement in overall quality of life, as well as all-round personal health and well-being. Hearing aid users said they feel less physical or mental strain from living with their condition at the end of the day, while out of those with hearing loss, far fewer users than non-users show depressive symptoms – 60% of non-owners vs 51% of users.

These improvements can be attributed at least partly to an increased ability to partake more fully in social activities and remain connected to one’s social circle. An impressive 73% of people using hearing aids report having a better social life despite their hearing loss, compared to the time before receiving their hearing aids. They say their hearing aids are of most benefit in situations with close family members or social conversations, and using a hearing aid has helped them in maintaining personal relationships or partake in shared activities with others.

Other benefits include an increased sense of security, with 87% of users feeling safer moving about their urban environment, saying they are able to better detect noise or traffic signals. They also report better performance in work: 96% of hearing aid users pointing out the usefulness in their jobs.

EuroTrak is the largest exercise to survey population health based on self-reported hearing loss and the experience of hearing-impaired people in terms of receiving diagnosis and treatment. The goal of the survey is to paint a comprehensive picture of the quality of hearing care in major geographies worldwide. The surveys are carried out every three years in a growing number of countries in Europe, East Asia and Oceania.

EuroTrak Spain 2023 was commissioned by EHIMA and the Spanish Association of Audiologists and a total of 1,311 people with hearing impairment participated.


Full report here: Folie 1 (ehima.com)

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