In the study, there was a statistically significant improvement in all measured audiometric outcomes after the cochlear implantation.

The study also demonstrated cognitive benefits of the cochlear implantation among the participants one year after the surgery. For the older adults in the study with cognitive impairment prior to the cochlear implantation, the cognitive benefits were even greater than in among the participants with normal cognition before the implantation.

Significant improvements

The participants showed a statistically significant improvement in hearing and on a series of tests of cognitive function. All verbally based test scores improved and 75% of the visually based test scores improved.

Tests were carried out before the implantation of the cochlear implant and 12 months after the implantation.

37 adults aged 65 years and older who met criteria for cochlear implantation participated in the study.

The study, “Evaluating the Impact of Cochlear Implantation on Cognitive Function in Older Adults”, was published in the journal The Laryngoscope

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