The use of hearing aids is effective for tinnitus, a study finds.

A Japanese study has shown that the use hearing aids has significant effects for tinnitus.

All the participants in the study reported significant effects of hearing aids for their tinnitus. The participants in the study had both hearing loss and tinnitus and were fitted with hearing aids.

Many who live with hearing loss often also experience tinnitus and many with tinnitus often find out that they, a least to some degree, have a hearing loss when they get their hearing measured with a hearing test.

Hearing aids increase audiological input

Treatment of hearing loss with hearing aids – and with this the increase in audiological input – often reduces tinnitus or at least the tinnitus experienced.

The authors of the study write that the study is in line with previous studies that have demonstrated that hearing aids are effective for tinnitus.

The study, “Retrospective evaluation of secondary effects of hearing aids for tinnitus therapy in patients with hearing loss”, was published in the journal Auris Nasus Larynx.

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